Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Ladies and gentleman, we have precipitation. My good friends at Weather.com and the fine sophisticates of the National Weather Service have finally brought joy to my life. So I guess the next logical question is, since when did the forecast of somewhere 100 miles away affect my mood so strongly? I have no answer. But I have a few guess. 2 years ago, my interest in "board sports" went from tepid to scalding. Along with this came an inherent interest in snow fall, or rather in the quantity and quality of snowfall. But, as my first post suggests, the last two seasons didn't require weather chasing: the weather chased us! This season doesn't bring us that luxury. This season is the drunken aunt who perpetually lights the filter of a cigarette in her drunken stooper. This is the season we want to forget exists, but must embrace everytime we gather as a family, on the chair lifts. Yet this season isn't over. The aunt has not ceased to exist. She can still clean her act up, go to rehab, and pull herself together! So I guess what I am saying is, who wants to help me plan an intervention for the snow season of 2007?

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Exquisite Corpse Writing said...


Did the dances work then?

Are you boarding this weekend?

And what about June Mountain: