Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't pity me though--seriously. It was still a kicking day. Lots of chair stoppages, lots of ambulances, ski patrol earned their keep that day. More blood than I think I have ever seen. I was clearing big kickers, and looking down, and seeing huge red blots on the knuckle, where some foolish skier or rider speed checked at the wrong time, shorted the jump, and went face first into the ice. I learned that long ago--BOMB IT, it feels better.

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Fester said...

So, I'm reading this and thinking -- all the blood?! What kinda hobby is this? This guy is nu--

Then I recall the expressions I get when I enthuse about International Rugby. I suppose you have to be an initiate to really understand hobbies of this nature- and the fact that sometimes it takes a little blood on the snow/pitch to qualify as a 'good day'.