Monday, January 29, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance?

Every diehard skier and snowboarder in the state of California feels incomplete. For the past two winters, and many before that, the Sierras have been blanketed in a thick coat of snow. This year, the Sierras have recieved less than half of the average annual snowfall, and meteorologists see no storms in sight. Skiers are bummed because they get little use out of their new powder sticks, while riders share their lament with the lack of kickers and halfpipes available. Both go home from the mountains crying over the new crevasse in the base of their riding device(s), and share moments of silence as they fill those ravines with P-Tex. Riders want people to feel sorry for them, because they lost out on so many good powder days. Everyone should be upset about this, but not because of the lack of fun, but rather because of the lack of snow. This year is panning out to be one of the biggest droughts in recent history. This, of course, will hike water rates through the roof, and slow any sort of momentum built up by businesses in California. This is bad. Everyone will be hurt. Accordingly, EVERY person should be practicing in the paganistic ritual of a precipitation dance. Look it up, ask a friend, but most of all, get out there and dance!

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