Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Round Two

Wal-Mart, where volume battles profit margin. I hate this place. Unimportant, because on this day of days, it was the last place for tire chains. Thirty dollars later, and we made the 172 turns back up the mountain from whence we came, turns we just made an hour earlier. By the time we made it back to chain control, the infallible chain monkey had stepped to the side, allowing all cars through. The sensation of getting through this bottleneck surpassed my will to pull over and strangle every Cal Trans worker with my newly purchases, shiny chains. It barely drove away without a confrontation. Ended being an excellent day, it was forecasted to snow lightly, ended up not snowing at all, sunny, blue bird powder day. Best day of the year. Although, everyday is a good day.

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